Mingle comfitures are produced by the family company Flora, which was founded in 1993 on the slopes of mountain Golija, in Banja Ivanjica, the first biosphere preserve in Serbia. All fruit grows at altitudes of over 500m, mingling with the cleanest air, raindrops and solar heat, and are harvested by hand, with love.

In modern conditions and in cooperation with Italian technologists, numerous fruit producers in the region as well as their consumers, Flora explores all sorts of enjoyment in the highest quality fruit flavours, and is proud to present their latest result – Mingle extra comfitures.

What is Mingle extra comfiture?

Mingle is an extra comfiture – a high quality fruit spread that contains a high percentage of fruit, which can be tasted in the texture of the product. It contains a high percentage of fruit (70% or more), where the whole fruit is cooked in a vacuum, at low temperatures (60⁰) in order to preserve valuable bioactive substances and natural fruit flavours.

Mingle is completely natural and gluten free!

A special cooking technology enables full temperature control, to prevent undercooking as well as overcooking, and to preserve the perfectly same product quality in all jars. The cooker itself does not get hot, which excludes the possibility of the product getting burned. Special technology is also used for removal of any excess seeds and pips in the fruits, because we are concerned about the perfect texture of the product.

We use KELCO Genu pectin as a thickener, which is a product from the world’s leading manufacturer of pectin produced from fruit. Using a high percentage (70% or more) of quality fruit, we reduce the percentage of sugar in the product. We do not use artificial colours or aromas.

These latest methods guarantee the best possible quality of Mingle comfitures.

In addition to comfitures, Flora produces frozen fruit, fruit filling and chutney spreads, and the entire processing and production is carried out according to the standards ISO 9001: 2008, HACCP, BRC, Global G.A.P.

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