Delivery and payment

Upon receiving the order confirmation described in detail in theOrdering instructions the delivery process is started.

All orders that arrive on weekdays will be dispatched the same day, and orders sent at weekends will be sent on Monday. Delivery time is 2 days. Delivery hours are until 17h.

Shipment reception

Organized by a courier, to an address you specify.

COD (cash on delivery):

When paying at delivery upon taking the shipped goods from the courier, you pay for purchased items and shipping charges in cash. Delivery costs are 200 dinars for 1 and 2 jars. Delivery for 3 and more jars is free.

Payment by card:

You can pay your online order using your VISA, EC/MC or Maestro payment card. You need to choose a payment method and then you will be directed to a 3DSecure side of the bank, where you will enter your information and follow further instructions. Payment can be made only in local currency, dinar (RSD).

Payment over account

Only for legal entities under agreed terms.